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The Most

Beautiful Little Girl

In The World

Written &

Illustrated with

Photographic Designs


Nancy Elizabeth Pharr

Every little girl is beautiful. As a little girl grows up, inevitably she finds another little girl more beautiful (in the world's eyes), smarter, healthier, wealthier, more athletic, etc. From a distance, a friend may seem to have it all.

Feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, insecurity,

and even hate can then ensue. Teaching a

little girl to look within her own heart,

to know how valuable she is to the God who

created her and to realize how much God

loves her are great resources for life.

Inner beauty, that comes from a close

relationship with God, transcends any label

that the world may give. When a little girl

lets that inner beauty shine through, she will be

"The Most Beautiful Little Girl In The World"! 

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