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I Can Be Anything

That I Want To Be

There are so many early

decisions to be made in life,

not the least of which is, a

career choice. The world is a

very competitive place; and,

the sooner a child is exposed 

to the opportunities available to him/her, the more comfortable the career

decision-making process will be when the time comes to make that choice.

Instead of waiting and asking your high school child to make a

split-decision about the degree/career they want to choose, expose your

much younger child RIGHT NOW to the many options available! 

Encourage them and help them recognize their strengths and

God-given abilities. Seek out activities that will help them build on

those abilities to help them create a solid foundation for themselves

as well as build confidence to take on the world! After having years

to think about what they would like to do with their life, a decision to

pursue a fulfilling and happy path will come more easily.

Of course, we want our kids to stay in school and use their

heads, but don't we wish them also to follow their hearts? Listening to

that still small voice (God speaking to us/or in the world's terms

a.k.a. "our conscience") - is so important for guidance in choosing

the correct path. Children who use their heads and hearts can be

anything that they want to be and can make their dream a reality!


When Should I Pray?

Little people need to know that they can directly connect to God - anytime and anywhere through prayer. Using delightfully rhyming verses and rainbow-colored images, When Should I Pray? gently teaches that God is the friend who is always within reach. A selection of simple prayers concludes this charming picture book.

A Puppy's Tale - A Special Pet Adoption Story

A Kitty's Tale - Another Special Pet Adoption Story

And, still more to come...

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